Dust Projector

Dust in our environment contains a fairly large amount of our information. They fell from our skin, once protecting us from microbial invasion, now lay in the corner, filled with our DNA information, our habit, our whereabouts… If we get a close look at the dust that collects around us, we might be able to decipher who we are.

And if what we do as human beings not simply moving dust from one place to another? In between moving, waiting for the dust to settle.

All dust is the same dust.

Temporarily separated

To go peacefully

And enjoy the eternal nap.

Dejan Stojanovic, Circling: 1978-1987


Fundamentally there is no Bodhi-tree,Nor stand of a mirror bright,Since all is void from the beginning,Where can the dust alight?

Platform Sutra (六祖坛经)

Dust Projector is an electro-mechanical machine made from scrap materials, using a slider-crank mechanism, static electricity was generated on the pole to attract dust. Shadow projected on the wall behind the machine intensifies the slightest movement of dust particles.

The performance starts with the performer familiarize themselves with the room they are in. Depending on the size of the room, the amount of people that are in the room, the performer will move accordingly amongst the people, from corner to corner, gathering dust with a small dustpan. When the performer is ready, they will bring the dust to place under the dust projector. Turn off the light in the room, light the one projecting shadow on the wall, turn on the dust projector.

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